Why am I MIA?

I know I've been posting on and off for a few months so I thought of writing a post to let my readers know why I am MIA and will be MIA for a few more days.

The reason is, I was moving to a new house. Anyone of you who has shifted to a new house or a new place would know how hectic this job is. But now i will try to write and post as much as I can. I've been MIA on Instagram too, because I don't get time to take a picture. Yes, that's how much busy I was. 

I had A LOT of pending posts to publish, but the problem was the pictures. I packed almost all of my stuff. The only unpacked things were the necessary things that I need for daily basis.

But now since i have got my internet connection back at my new place
. Soon I will come up with a lot of interesting posts.

If you have any requests or queries, please write me on munira.firoz1@gmail.com or leave in the comments below.



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